Tuesday, February 23, 2016

The Terrible First Trimester

I can definitely say that I am not a fan of being pregnant. You hear about those ladies that had like 12-13 kids. I don't know how they did it. I think I will stick with just one ;)

 Some of my early symptoms were:
  •  Nauseous ALL the time
  • Bad metallic taste in my mouth
  • Sleepy 100% of the time. Most days I was late to work because I was sooo tired and didn't want to get out of bed.
  • I had a weird knot in my throat that would cause me to gag and choke A LOT. (Worst symptom of them all)
  • Brushing my teeth was like riding a very intense roller coaster. You couldn't decide if it was a good decision and you feel like your going to throw up but in the end your so grateful you did it.
  • I never wanted to drink anything for fear of not being close to bathroom because I had to pee every few minutes I swear!
  • Tacos from Dell Taco on Tuesdays became Dell Taco Hell days. I still haven't been able to eat a Dell Taco Taco :(
  • Smelly People at work was like visiting the dumps you couldn't escape the smell.
  • Doterra. Hated every single oily smell.
  • Nothing sounded good to eat so I lost 12 lbs. Good or Bad? Not sure.
These are just to name a few. I am grateful though that I didn't throw up because of being pregnant. I only threw up when I got the flu. So I am happy for that blessing!

Here are some First Trimester Pictures
I don't have very many pictures. But here are some events I did in that first trimester.
Master Your Influence with my two favorite Peeps, April and Bailey.

Here is our cute little girl/guy. What do you think it is?

Hanging out with the Youth in the Ward at mutual.

Hiking!! Wahoo!!

Let's Start a Family! Easier said than done!

"Lets start a family! I think we are ready." that was said 4 years ago. We decided it was time to start our little family by getting pregnant. It wasn't easy for us. The first few months of trying we got concerned. We weren't sure why we weren't getting pregnant. We went through 3 different doctors and our last doctor, Dr. Davis, finally found out what the matter was. When I went in to see him he looked at my Prolactin levels, which are hormone levels, and noticed they were really high. He told me that I needed to get my blood work done again and if the levels were still high I needed to get an MRI done on my Pituitary Gland which is near the brain. When I got the phone call that they were in fact very high we scheduled the MRI. Let me tell you, an MRI is not a fun thing to experience. I was in a tube that was very loud with my head strapped down to a gurney getting dye pumped into my arm for about 40 minutes. I did not enjoy myself. Thankfully Kevin was outside my room waiting which gave me some piece of mind. When I got my results back from the doctor it was half bad news half good news. The bad news was that I have a benign tumor on my Pituitary Gland that has been there for some time and that is what was preventing us from getting pregnant. It's called Prolactinoma. The good news was there is a fix for it! I was put on a medication called Cabergoline and what it did was lower my prolactin levels so my body could ovulate. The next month after getting put on my medicine we found out we were pregnant!!!!! Yay! We scheduled our appointment and was able to see our baby for the first time. It was tiny! We saw the heart beat and we were so elated. We got our ultrasound pictures and went and showed both of our families right away. We couldn't hold in our excitement. On September 26th 2014 my period started. I couldn't believe what was happening. We rushed to the doctor to find out what was happening. I was having very intense pain and was bleeding very heavily. We had miscarried. We were devastated. We were grateful that we were able to see our little baby before we lost it. I am so grateful for the Plan of Salvation because without it I wouldn't get to see my lost little baby. I am so excited for the day that I get to meet him/her. What got me through this terrible time was a talk by one of the apostles. I'm not sure who it was but it stated that a miscarriage happens because that little sweet perfect spirit was just so special and too perfect to be tainted by the world. That helped me to have a stronger testimony and helped me to overcome this trial in my life.

After this sad event I got started on my medicine again. We knew that the medicine worked so we were hopeful and ready to try again. We decided not to stress about it and to just let it happen. We were sick and tired of counting days and me taking my temperature and planning out our time together. So we calmed down and just decided to let it be. After 3 months of trying I became discouraged again. I didn't understand why this was happening to us. I wanted to know why Kevin and I weren't good enough to be parents. So I knelt down and I prayed. I had prayed multiple times. Sometimes it felt like I had prayed millions of times. But this time instead of asking the question why I simply thanked my Father in Heaven for sending me here to earth and thanked him for my wonderful husband Kevin. After I had thanked him I simply asked if it would be soon. Would I be a mother sometime in the near future? I got my answer. I got the most warm feeling and knew that the Lord was looking out for me and has bigger plans for me and my family. On March 17th 2015 I took a test. We were pregnant!
I was so excited! I was very nervous and didn't want to get my hopes up again. We decided to wait to tell all of my family until we were around 12 weeks. Of course I couldn't keep our secret from my mother though! I needed to tell someone. I am not a very good secret keeper. The minute I got a positive test we scheduled our first appointment. April 13th 2015 we were able to see our sweet bundle of joy for the first time.

What a neat experience it was! We were so happy to see and hear the heartbeat. I even cried a little because I felt and knew that this was it. This baby was here to stay. And that is when the journey began.

Friday, May 9, 2014

One heck of a day...

Yesterday was a day I don't ever want to repeat. Kevin as you know got his wisdom teeth out and he is in pretty bad pain. He has been on medicine that knocks him out and makes him groggy. So I have had to take care of him, the house, and 3 dogs. Not just 2 dogs that's right 3. Preston and Emily went out of town for the weekend and we are taking care of their dog Sophie while they are away. I love Sophie so much and I'm glad she is a good dog. When I got home from work I was so dang tired from the previous night of taking care of kevin and I just wanted to relax and watch Parenthood. I couldn't relax though because there was so much work that needed to be done in the house. My house is a disaster right now and I was feeling guilty. So I decided to start on some laundry and clean a few things around the house so that I could feel some what accomplished. But once I was on the couch and comfortable all 3 dogs started to bark like crazy. I ran out there to find out what they were barking at and the neighbors were having a family BBQ in the back yard and the dogs were barking at them. That is one thing I cannot handle is barking dogs. Sophie and Trigger stopped barking the first time I asked them to but Riker kept barking! So every 5 minutes I was outside getting mad at him for barking. I felt so embarrassed and didn't know if I should appologize for my dog or just let it be. After Riker finally stopped barking I was able to relax for about 20 mins until Sophie and Riker started barking again! I went out there to see what they were barking at because my neighbors were inside. Come to find out Trigger had knocked down our fence and got out. Thankfully only one got out and not all 3. But I had to go look for Trigger at 10:00pm in the dark with Riker and we never found him so I decided to leave him out there wondering around all night and leave Riker and Sophie outside. I put the fence back up and rigged it so it wouldn't fall down. I finally got to bed at about 12am. Thank goodness I was able to sleep! When I woke up in the morning I rememberd that I forgot to put my work clothes that I needed, that were in the washer, in the dryer. I had to be to work at 8:15 and I woke up at 7:20 so I rushed down there to switch clothes and hope that my clothes would be dry. It wasn't just my clothes that I washed it was my G's and my bra that I needed. So I really needed them!! If you know what I mean. Then after I did that I went to check on the dogs and feed them and see if Trigger came back. I went out back and Sophie was the only dog out there!! I checked the fence and it was fixed and there was no way Riker would have gotten out of there so I have no idea how he got out! I went out looking for them and found them up the street soaking wet and smelling like SKUNK!!!!!! What??? It is such a bad smell! Blah! So I got really mad at them and kicked them a few times I will admit. I put them back in the back yard and found mud all over me! So I had to take a quick shower to wash off and got ready for work. When I was ready to leave at 8:10 (I was already late) I realized that I never rememberd to feed the dogs!!!! Ah!!! So I had to get in my boots and coat and risk my life to go out and feed these wet Skunk smelling dogs! As I walked out all 3 of them shook and mud went all over my clean clothes!!!!!!!! I was so mad! So I had to go back in and change my outfit and head out the door! Thank goodness I was able to make it to work sometime today and was able to relax! Yes!! So tonight is going to be a relaxing clean the house night and I am going to make Kevin take care of the dogs! Even if he is on Percocet! haha it was one hell of a night and I am glad it is over (for now). What am I going to do with my Skunk dogs?? I do not know :(

Thursday, May 8, 2014

This is me!!

      So this week is my first week on weight watchers. It has been a good and bad week for me. I think my biggest challenge is tracking my points. Before I started, a few days ago, I would just eat whatever I wanted whenever I wanted. I didn't care what it was or how many calories it was. So this week as I'm tracking the points the values of some of the food shocked me. Like a blueberry muffin from the cafeteria is like 11 points. I used to eat those daily for breakfast! One of my other weaknesses will be my coca cola. I love regular (non-diet) coke. It is so yummy and I know it will be difficult to give that up. So I was thinking I would take out something else that I eat and replace it will something healthy so I can still have my coke for a while longer. I don't want to give up all of my treats, especially at the beginning. I will slowly take soda out of my diet and drink water only. But for now that is my comfort treat when I need it.

      I love to play soccer! I wish working out was as fun as playing soccer. I love beating the other players to the ball and scoring goals! I should just sign up for more soccer leagues and play multiple games a week. That would be good exercise! But unfortunately I have a lot of different responsibilities I need to take care of first. I am a Young Women's President in the church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints and that is a whole job in and of its self. I am also on the city clean-up crew for Ogden. We are getting the town ready for the LDS temple open house and dedication. We are going to be cleaning up people’s yards and streets to make it look presentable and welcoming. I also work a full time job at a bank and sit on my bum all day long! That doesn't help with weight loss at all! I am trying to come up with some ideas of how I can get active at work and help me not sit for long periods of time. I love reading so maybe I could stand up and read 30 pages and then sit for 20 pages and alternate. I am glad I can be a part of weight watchers and can't wait to see results and the change in my life.
     I really want to post a before picture on here so I can see the change but I am nervous to see it! Maybe I will build up the courage and post one :) who knows!

Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Lazy Night

Last night was going to be such a fun and busy night. Kevin and I were going to go on a hike up Beus Canyon (where me, my best friend Ashley and my sister Morgan went on a trail ride) and then go get tacos at Del Taco (Taco Tuesday Baby!!) and head up to Weber State so Kevin could do homework (and so I could blog about my fun few weeks). Well that didn't happen!! At all!! I went to visit my mom right after work and you know how that goes. You get talking and then it ends up being 4 hours later. Well after me and my mom talked for a while Morgan and I decided to watch an episode of a fun/super cheesy TV show called Switched at Birth. It's not super good but I am totally addicted! (I know I'm a sucker for cheesy). Well after about 2 episodes my mom asked if we would like taco's! I was so happy because I was just going to go without dinner for the night. So when we got back I called Kevin (he was at his mom's doing homework) and he told me he had about 2 hours still. So I decided to keep watching the TV show. Well 4 episodes later I finally decided to go visit Kev. It was great timing too because he had just finished his homework and we were on our way home. It was still a fun night but I was so excited for my hike!! Oh well we will plan another time and I will make sure to post some pictures.

Tonight is young womens and because I am Young Womens President I am in charge of making sure we have everything we need. Well we are making hats for all of the primary kids for Christmas. We are going to give each girl 2 different colors of yarn of their choice and a loom and ask them to make 2 hats for 2 kids in the primary. I told the girls that this project will count for a Personal Progress Project but only if they make 2 hats. I know it's alot but it will be so worth it when they give the cute little kids who have practically nothing a hat full of treats and prizes. I cant wait till they are done and can't wait till I get to see the look on all of their faces. I love my calling and am so greatful for the young women in my ward! I will make sure I document the progress and get pictures up.


Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Okay so I am totally lame. I am going to stop with the talk about mine and Kevin's past because there is way to much to post. So I want to start posting about our current life. We have done quite a bit these last few weeks and I will post our events. I am going with Kevin today to go on a hike and go with him to Weber State so he can do homework and there I will work on my posts and get some pictures posted.

Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Future Planning Continued

After our amazing honeymoon planning we needed to find a place where we wanted to live. I think this was one of the toughest things to do. We couldn't ever agree on where we wanted to look or what price to look at so one night we decided to take a drive. We drove all over the place and for hours and we couldn't find anywhere we wanted to live. But as we were driving down Harrison Blvd. we found a nice apartment complex off to the right of the road right next to weber state that had a rent sign out. So we decided to get the phone number and give them a call. We still weren't sure if we wanted to live up that way or not but decided to give it a try anyway. We went and took a look at it and it was a nice place, it was very small but nice, and it was a reasonable price. We finally came to an agreement to take it! It was so fun moving into our own place and finally having space to ourselves. We liked it alot until the day we moved in!! On the day we moved in we noticed the water wasn't turned on so we had to call our landlord and have him turn it on. Then when it got dark we found out our electricity wasn't turned on either. So we had to call back and have him turn that on too. I'm not sure why he didn't do that at the same time. Finally when all of that was turned on I decided I needed to relax and take a nice hot bath but as I turned on the water we noticed that the gas wasn't turned on either!!! Come to find out the gas company isn't open over the weekend, unless it is an emergency, so we had to go through the whole weekend heating up our water on the stove to take a bath! Talk about stressful! We finally got everything working and ready to go and loved it! We were so greatful that we had a place to stay and a wonderful time having a place of our own. See it's very small but we still loved it!!